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Why Diversity Programs Fail, and What Works Better Event Image

Driving Results in Talent Analytics

Alexis Fink
General Manager, Talent Intelligence and Analytics, Intel Corporation

November 8th, 2017
7:30 am - 10:00 am

The emergence of talent analytics as a differentiator for organizations’ ability to execute upon their strategy is a pivotal management innovation. Not surprisingly, then, there has been a mushrooming of talent analytics teams within organizations, chartered to leverage data science to improve organizations’ abilities to deliver on their strategies.

Many of those working in talent analytics today are deeply sophisticated in identifying patterns in data. However, they are generally less sophisticated in driving organizational change. What is the purpose of talent analytics? It is to deliver value to the organization, not simply to identify intriguing insights. Delivering that value is tied up in the ability to execute the entire organizational change and consulting cycle around talent analytics as an intervention.

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